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Vandelay DF lenses are highly advanced, 100% back surface designs that offer a distortion free spherical front, wider fields of vision with optics closer to the eye and customized RX’s 3-dimensionally fused for each patient. This complex surface gives accurate power throughout the reading area, provides gradient cylinder control along the entire intermediate area, and has a significantly wider, distortion-free distance vision area. True, customized, Rx-specific aspheric power compensation in the progressive channel results in billions of optically precise prescriptions. Available in a Soft design that is perfect for sensitive first time progressive wearers or a Hard design for seasoned progressive wearers and patients who need an extra wide reading area.

Product Overview

Vandelay Advanced

Vandelay DF Advanced uses a universal blended design that provides ample distance vision and a wide reading area. It is a good choice for emerging presbyopes, as well as experienced wearers. Vandelay DF Advanced is ideally suited for all add power prescriptions and difficult Rx’s. Advanced aspheric compensation (measured power) in the intermediate and near zones reduces aberrations and compensates for pantoscopic tilt to provide the best optics in the as-worn position.

Fitting Guide

Vandelay Ultimate

Ultimate Progressive Design Series represents the most advanced complete customizable group of designs. With any design offered under the Ultimate name, wearer is getting a unique lens calculated by Digital Ray-Path®, state of the art technology in digital lenses.. Digital Ray-Path® improves vision for the wearer through every point of the lens by implementing a realistic computerized simulation of the lens’ optical behavior when it is placed in front of the wearer’s eye. This simulation analyzes the oblique aberrations, which are optical effects that have a negative impact on the lens’ visual performance. These aberrations are minimized at every point of the lens, taking into account the rotation of the eye and the real position of the lens.
As a result, Ultimate lenses provide better vision through every point of the lens. The wearer will perceive wider, more comfortable visual fields in the distance, intermediate and near vision zones.

Ultimate is a family of 3 different lens designs that allows to select the most adapted solution to each unique wearer’s lifestyle:

Utlimate Balanced: Fully personalized design with a balance between the distance and near vision. Highly recommended for experienced and demanding progressive wearers, looking for an all-purpose progressive lens with generous visual fields at all distances and a comfortable lens.

Ultimate Near: Fully personalized design specially created for experienced progressive wearers who want the best near vision. Superior near vision and comfort for reading or model-making.

Ultimate Distance: Fully personalized design specially developed for experienced progressive wearers who want the best distance vision. Panoramic high performance distance vision for traveling or enjoying landscapes.

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Vandelay Accommodate

Vandelay Accommodate will allow your eyes to rest when reading, working with computers or playing video games. The Vandelay Accommodate lens has been designed to reduce visual fatigue produced by a continuous accommodation effort in pre-presbyopes. When the eyes are constantly working at near distances the muscles that surround the crystalline lens became tired which causes visual fatigue. Common symptoms of this visual fatigue are eye pain, dry eye, red eye and headaches. Vandelay Accommodate reduces the fatigue of eye muscles because it provides the wearer with a small amount of plus addition in the bottom part of the lens.

Vandelay Accommodate is available in 0.50D and 0.75D

Vandelay Accommodate 050

Vandelay Accommodate 050 Is designed for visual fatigue wearers of all ages that need a small amount of add power at the bottom of the lens. This slight add power reduces visual fatigue caused by excessive accommodation and works well for people who spend hours of time working at a computer or reading who are not primary candidates for progressives.

Vandelay Accommodate 075

Vandelay Accommodate 075 is designed for visual fatigue wearers that spend hours reading or on the computer. The slightly higher add power reduces visual fatigue and is designed for emerging presbyopes that are not ready for a progressive lens.


  • Reduce visual fatigue
  • Clear and wide add in the near zone
  • High precision and high personalization due to Digital Ray-Path® technology
  • Clear vision in every gaze direction
  • Oblique astigmatism reduced
  • Variable Inset: Automatic and manual
  • Can be personalizad by Frame shape

Target & Positioning

  • Ideal for emerging presbyopes of all ages and especially between 18 and 45 who spend much time at near vision and have visual fatigue symptoms
  • Exclusive anti-fatigue design

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Vandelay Office

Vandelay Office Reader is your occupational solution lens for eyeglass wearers who spend any amount of time working at near and intermediate distances. With comfortable near and intermediate visual areas and very little lateral astigmatism these lenses allow almost immediate adaption and allows natural posture when working on computers. This is a degressive lens with multiple degression values. The Vandelay Office Reader offers 3 specific viewing distances that provide the patients with a visual field perfectly adapted to their individual needs:

  • Vandelay Office Reader 1.3 m (Allow to see clearly from near to 1.3 m)
  • Vandelay Office Reader 2 m (Allow to see clearly from near to 2 m)
  • Vandelay Office Reader 4 m (Allow to see clearly from near to 4 m)

Target & Positioning

  • The Ideal solution for presbyopic professionals who require near & intermediate vision (office workers, chefs, painters, musicians, etc.)
  • The best lens for office work.
  • Occupational lens designed exclusively for intermediate and near vision


  • Extremely wide reading fields
  • (Very soft design that eliminates swim effect and user perceived lateral distortion
  • No adaptation issues
  • Clear vision from reading distance up to 4 meters
  • 3 degression options that allows adaptions to each user’s needs
  • Frame shape personalization available

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