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Plastic Plus offers the highest quality Free Form Progressive and Single Vision Lenses.
We are the exclusive Canadian manufacturer of all Seiko-Free Form lenses and the only Seiko Optical Approved AR coating facility in North America.

Seiko PCWide – Comfortable Vision for Computer Desktop & Use

PCWide lenses utilize a soft design and Reverse Power Accommodation Tech­nology to control the lens power in a very precise and comfortable way. This provides sharp, clear vision at reading (35cm) and computer monitor distances (50cm). Wear­ers will adapt instantly to the smooth power transition in the extra wide intermediate portion.

Seiko Surmount & Surmount Ws, Advanced, Dual Patented, 100% Internal Free-Form Technology

Creates the Widest, Most Natural and Comfortable Visual Experience Possible.  Their dual patented* design processes complex convex curves onto the concave back surface of the lens, permitting the use of flatter base curves on plus power prescriptions. The result is lenses that are up to 25% flatter in profile, even when compared to our other internal free-form designs.

Fitting Guide – Surmount & Surmount Ws

Seiko Superior – Most Advanced & Precisely Customized  Dual Patented, 100% Internal Free-Form Technology

SEIKO Superior is an “ultra-personalized lens” that features 3 options for the basic design (Bal­anced, Near-priority and Far-priority), 11 options for the corridor length, 51 options for the near zone inset and 21 options for the frame pantoscopic tilt. It is available in a wide variety of materials and coatings with add powers from +0.50 to +4.00 (8 & 9mm corridors to +3.00).

Fitting Guide – Superior

Seiko Supernal – Advanced  Patented  100% Internal Free Form Design

SEIKO Supernal is a new individualized lens design that utilizes patented “In­ternal progressive + Internal Aspheric design”.  Blurriness and distortions have been reduced and a wide field of vision has been realized. In addition, by adopting a “Non-linear Progressive Power Change”, the variation of power between the distance and the progressive zones has been made smoother.

Fitting Guide – Supernal

Seiko Supercede II – Patented 100% Interal Free Form Design

Advanced aspheric compensation optimizes the optical performance of the lens in the as-worn position, and virtually eliminates marginal astigmatism and power error caused by variations in eye rotation, pantoscopic tilt and vertex distance.

Fitting Guide – Supercede

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