Smooth, sharp vision with our progressive lenses

Each one of our progressive lenses is a small masterpiece. It makes “smooth”, i.e. stepless, sharp vision possible for near, intermediate and far vision and uncompromised visual comfort for those with age-related farsightedness.

A Rodenstock progressive lens corrects shortsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia at the same time, and it also gives the wearer clear vision at all intermediate distances. The lenses are made in such a way that there is no visible edge in the lens. This has two decisive benefits: The wearing and visual comfort is considerably higher and the glasses provide an unimpeded view of the eyes. That looks much more aesthetic.

For progressive lenses, it is important to have accurate adaptation to the glasses wearer and his individual visual requirements. Our revolutionary Eye Lens Technology, or EyeLT® for short, sets standards here in connection with the best compatibility, excellent visual comfort and visual acuity. With it, you can exploit 100 % of your vision potential. This is clearly noticeable at dusk above all, but the surroundings also simply look clearer and the contrast is higher.

Free Sign 3

The best Rodenstock progressive lens of all times: Impression FreeSign® 3
Experience a free and unique vision experience like never before. Available immediately. More about Impression FreeSign® 3

Impression 2

For perfectionists. The best vision without compromise: Impression® 2
Progressive lenses that are adjusted not only to your eyes, but also to how your glasses fit on your face. More about Impression® 2

Multigressiv MyView2

For the demanding. Brilliant vision experience with Multigressiv MyView® 2
Multigressiv® MyView 2 lenses offer demanding glasses wearers an ideal progressive vision experience. More about Multigressiv MyView® 2

Progressive PureLife Free2

For the quality aware. The progressive lens that has been proven millions of times: Progressiv PureLife Free® 2
Brilliant, clear vision from near to far for price-conscious progressive lens wearers with a high quality standard. More about Progressiv PureLife Free® 2

Progressive Life Free

For the quality aware. Progressiv Life Free® with attractive cost-effectiveness.
With their enlarged visual zones, Progressiv Life Free® lenses provide brilliant vision with good spontaneous compatibility. More about Progressiv Life Free®

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