On the way to perfection: Our technologies

Together with the Rodenstock Engineering Centre, our experts develop high-precision technologies for manufacturing high-tech lenses and for the best-possible analysis of your eyes.

The Rodenstock brand stands for the highest technological standards and products of outstanding quality. That is because we ask ourselves over and over again: How can glasses be made more pleasant, lighter, easier and more comfortable? This results in innovative technologies and hence innovative product solutions, with a claim to the highest precision. You benefit from a one-of-a-kind vision experience, excellent wearing comfort and perfect aesthetics.

Each lens is a masterpiece

Greatest reliability and security – Rodenstock provides unique German premium quality

• more than 135 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality lenses
• six month satisfaction guarantee and 24 month quality guarantee
• including a brand certificate and trademark
• strictest quality controls, far beyond the German industry standard (DIN/ISO)

Greatest visual comfort – Rodenstock is the specialist for better vision

• many awards, including the German Innovation Prize
• very thin and light lenses
• 100 % UV and glare protection

Greatest quality of life – Rodenstock products fit into your individual lifestyle

• customised solutions for the best and most pleasant vision for any demands
• 100% exploitation of your personal vision potential through the revolutionary Eye Lens Technology (EyeLT®)

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