Plastic Plus offers the highest quality Free Form Progressive and Single Vision Lenses.
We are the exclusive Canadian manufacturer of all Seiko-Free Form lenses and the only Seiko Optical Approved AR coating facility in North America.

We also developed an exceptional line of value-priced, in-house products under the VANDELAY and PLASTIC PLUS labels.

Seiko Optical-Approved, Junsui-Pure AR®, Super-Oleophobic coating not only provides the ultimate protection against water, dirt, dust and oils – it keeps on protecting for the full life of the prescription.

Seiko Optical-Approved, JunSui-AR® Oleophobic coating possesses many of the same anti-reflection and protective qualities as JunSui-Pure, but because of its competitive price point, provides patients with an excellent alternate.

Plastic Plus -AR, Super-Oleophobic and Oleophobic coatings offer yet another option. Similar in most anti-reflective and protective properties to premium JunSui-AR, these are our more value-priced AR coatings for use on other Free-form or conventional lenses.

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